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North Hampton Planter Box Made From Recycled Plastic Lumber

Custom Planter Box Made From Recycled Plastic Lumber

Nantucket Planter Box Made From Recycled Plastic Lumber Planter boxes and windows boxes provide a very easy way to improve the look of your property, while keeping your plants neat and tidy, and easy to manage.  Our planter and window boxes are made from maintenance free recycled plastic lumber, making it even easier for you to concentrate on looking after your plants without having to be concerned with maintaining the planter boxes.

Recycled plastic lumber is probably the best material to use for the construction of items that will be located in an outdoor environment.  Impervious to harsh weather conditions, recycled plastic will not rot, rust, split, corrode or fade.  The color is throughout the material, so if a scratch or chip happens, it will be very difficult to see.

The maintenance free recycled plastic lumber used in the construction of all of our outdoor furniture is the easiest material to keep looking as good as new.  There is no sanding, painting, varnishing or sealing.  To remove dirt or deposit build-up, simply wash the recycled plastic with water and a cloth.  A mild detergent can safely be used for stubborn marks without causing any damage to the recycled plastic lumber.

Eagle One Products also manufactures a large range of outdoor and site furnishings including chairs, benches, tables, deck boxes, bars, and many more.  To view our full range of products, please visit www.eagleoneproducts.com, or contact us for catalog.

North Hampton Planter Box Made From Recycled Plastic Lumber

North Hampton Planter Box Made From Recycled Plastic Lumber
Catalina Planter Box Made From Recycled Plastic Lumber
Custom Planter Box Made From Recycled Plastic Lumber Catalina Window Box Made From Recycled Plastic Lumber

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